Penultimate Day….

Today was a good day!! Had a late breakfast and got set off about 9.30, we walked through a really nice forest near Beggars Bridge in Glaisdale and I was off the lead LOADS!!! Then, Phillippa got a phone call (which is a miracle in itself as she is constantly waffling on about the lack of mobile phone signal) and it was BBC radio Lincoln, they wanted to speak to her about this walk! So, she spoke to them all about what we’re doing, why we’re doing it, who we’re doing it for and obviously told them all about me and how special I am! Anyhow once that was done with (and we’d found out who had put Radio Lincoln on to us) we cracked on. Walked down into Grosmont and spent time looking at the steam trains then pushed on up and over our last moor (we saw the sea in the distance!) and dropped into a lovely little place called Littlebeck where we are staying for our last night. I know its our last night because the other two unloaded their rucksacks and have chucked loads of stuff away. So, I think tonight is a bit of a celebration and chill out night as we are going to set off early tomorrow to get to Robin Hoods Bay for fish and chips (and a pint for Marc and Phillippa. Obviously!)






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