Hard Day Today!

Well, today has been a tough one! We began by thinking it was going to be 18 miles but were reliably informed by the farmer where we stayed that ‘its at least 20’ so we set off early. Breakfast at 6.45, on the road for 7.30. It’s now 5.55pm and we’ve just rocked into the Pub where we are staying….that’s how horrible its been!! Traumas in order of horribleness: 1) I’ve had to wear my cooling coat loads. 2) Marc and Phillippa kept pouring water on my head and rubbing it in. 3) Phillippa has a blister on top of a blister. 4) Phillippa has really dark tan lines on her ankles where her socks have been (hadn’t realised this was a trauma but they have a wedding to go to in 6 weeks so apparently this is a HUGE problem??) 5) Marc’s pulled his calf. 6) it was actually 23.5 miles from the farm this morning to the pub this evening. 7) the pub we’re in has run out of pork scratchings.
We have just walked over moor land today but we did find a pub in the middle of it all (Lion Inn at Blakey Ridge) which just appears like an oasis in the desert and is brilliant for a lunch stop! The views to us were magnificent but not sure any picture will do it justice!!
We only have 8 miles tomorrow and there are lots of streams and becks along the way so I’m hoping we will be taking our time and we can splash and play along the way!








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