Nearly on the home straight….

It’s been a hot day today and therefore quite a slow one! We’ve had to take our time its too hot to do anything else! I’ve had to wear my cooling coat all day and was really thankful of it once we got up on the moors, the sun was beating down and there was no escape, however thanks to my cooling coat I wasn’t a sweaty panting mess (left that to Marc) we made our way from osmotherley this morning over the moor and then found a little cafe where we stopped for cake and a cold drink! Phillippa and I shared an ice cream too, although judging by her reaction when I got hold of it I’m not totally convinced it was supposed to be shared with me…. We’re staying on a working farm tonight, its awesome! They have cows (queue the freak out from Phillippa!) sheep, horses, ducks, pigs and dogs… The farmers wife said they have 15 (although only 3 live in the house) the 3 terriers (all brilliant ratters according to the farmers wife) they live in the house and then they have labs and springers (used as gun dogs) border collies (they’re to round up the sheep apparently, so I’m not sure but I think I may have border collie in me!) and then beagles which they train for the hunt! It’s a really busy place but they’ve made room for us and we feel really welcome. They are also going to take us and pick us up from the ‘local’ pub which is 3 miles away! Long day ahead tomorrow, got to do about 18 miles to get us from here (Chop Gate) to Glaisdale… Most of it will be over the Moors again so we are going to set off nice and early and get a few miles under our belts before the heat of the sun really kicks in. Hope you like the photos, the last one is of the farm we’re staying at to give an idea of how remote it is. It’s a gorgeous place! Anyway, off to sit in the garden and soak up the views 🙂








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