Strange day today….

Hi folks! Today has been a very strange day… We only had about 9 miles to do so had a bit of a lie in, which was nice 🙂 We then got set off from Northallerton and it all seemed to go a bit pear shaped for the other two (I was fine, had a ball today but i’ll get onto that later) firstly, Phillippas knee has started to hurt and every time she walks she says it feels like its clicking (not that she’s mentioned it much….) and Marc has struggled all day with plotting the route!! For some reason the farmers around Northallerton don’t seem to like people on their land and we have come to 4 public footpaths which have either been obscured with something or in one case a gate put across and padlocked so you can’t get to it. So, Marc has been stressed cos everywhere we went we had to turn back and Phillippa’s been in pain and therefore, mardy! Enough of their woes though, back to me and I’ve had a belting day!! Ended up having loads of off lead time as we have been going through meadows which are being grown for winter feed so I’ve been running round like a lunatic! Then, we came across a lovely beck and I cooled off in there for a good 20 minutes, I’ve even practised my underwater stick finding skills but they need more work I think…. All that happened was,I put my head under, loads of bubbles appeared, Marc and Phillippa started laughing and my head surfaced again minus a stick but with water in my eyes and ears?!
We have also passed another milestone today. We are officially in the North York Moors!! Dare I say it… The end is in sight!! Now, I’m about to have a well deserved pigs ear and sleep under the table in the local pub and the other two? They’re having a pint (obviously) and Phillippa is admiring the fireplace of all places!








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