Over half way there :)

Happy Sunday everyone! Today has been a short day in terms of mileage (only about 10) but we have been taking our time because it has been quite hot and Phillippa was worried about me overheating (its because I’ve got a black coat apparently) so I had lots of stops and rolls in the grass. We had one ‘cowism’ today but we went through with another group of people and they hid me from the cows while Phillippa walked behind waving a stick making ‘farmer noises’ (you know what I mean ‘come on girls’ ‘back off’ ‘get back’ ‘away now’…. That kind of thing!) we also saw a MAHOOSIVE bull, it was so big we had to stop while Marc took a picture and Phillippa waffled on about how scary it looked! I had to have my cooling coat on for a bit of the journey which I pretended to hate but was really quite nice! We have just got to Richmond where there is a plaque with a quote from Wainwright himself and a sign showing us that Robin Hoods Bay is now officially closer than St Bees!! Marc and Phillippa are having a well deserved pint while I make friends with the locals…. They love me (who can blame them!!)








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