Today’s events…

Hiya everyone! Hope your all ok and not as wet as we have been 😦 today started off lovely, we woke up and the sun was shining, I had my morning kibble outside our yurt while Marc and phillippa were inside arguing whether they needed my cooling coat or waterproof at the top of the rucksacks (luckily Marc won and my waterproofs were there when I needed them!) anyhow, we set off at 8.15am, it was beautiful… We followed the river along meadows for a couple of miles and I had a cracking time, chasing rabbits, sniffing suspicious piles of poo that I found and trying to get to the livestock across the river. Then, we turned around the dale and it was like a different world… Rain, rain and rain. Luckily my waterproofs were accessible and so within seconds I was tucked into my waterproof coat and was good to go! We then walked in the rain for 8 miles (phillippa moaned, Marc tutted) it was miserable 😦 the only bit of excitement was a field of cows but phillippa made us go round them (like we needed to do any extra mileage!!) other than that we just walked as fast as we could to get to Reeth. We arrived here about 3.30 and checked into our pub, it’s lovely! I am currently sat in front of the open fire, drinking my fresh water and eating treats while Marc and phillippa decide if they’re having ‘red or white’ with tea… Apparently this needs a LOT of debate!!! I’ve got a few pics from this morning before it went all rainy so hope you enjoy them πŸ™‚ PS I saw myself in the Lincolnite and I know I’m now quite famous so wanted to say hello to any new followers πŸ™‚
Will update y’all tomorrow
Lots of love






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