Snoop here!

Hi all, Snoop here! Figured your all probably sick of hearing from Phillippa when lets face it, I’m the star of this show! So, here’s how my today went…. We had a steady climb up from nateby (after a last minute cuddle with Morgan before she went to school!) we then broke into the Dales properly (I even had my picture taken to prove it!!) and then climbed over Dales until we got to our rest stop in Keld for the evening. It was quite a steady day, not too hot but nice and warm and there were loads of big fluffy dogs (sheep?) scattered everywhere which I knew really wanted to play with me but weren’t allowed because I was on my lead 😦
Our home for the evening is a yurt (no idea what’s so special about it but Phillippa seems to love it!!) we have seen some cracking sights today, not least some of the magnificent planes coming over, in order we have seen a spitfire, Hercules and a euro fighter. Marc was waving like mad at them and although Phillippa doesn’t seem so keen they did both stop for a second when the first one went over. Marc said something about being thankful but I didn’t really understand it! Anyway, here’s my pictures from the day I’m off to chill in my yurt (we don’t get much Internet here so have had to sit in the farmers house to do this and its so sunny outside its a shame to miss it!)





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